Delivering Mon - Sat 9am - 3am Sunday 11am - 3am

Delivering Mon - Sat 9am - 3am Sunday 11am - 3am
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Walmart Grocery Delivery

Bye Bye: Long lines, Traffic, & Humans. Hello Clutch 😀

Order and schedule your groceries from Walmart here, and we will gladly pick them up and deliver them to you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us: (205) 202 - 9587 or email us:

Note: Disclaimer: Clutch Deliveries is a locally owned & operating delivery service and not endorsed by or affiliated with Walmart.

Walmart Delivery FAQ

I have questions about the Walmart part of the delivery. Do 
you guys deliver the groceries after I order them and, can
you do future deliveries? What I mean by future delivery is
if I order for a pick up tomorrow but pay on clutch now will
they be picked up tomorrow?

Yes, We deliver your groceries on demand and Advanced orders

are accepted up to 2 weeks. Once you place your order and
schedule the time with Walmart when you want your groceries
picked up. Leave a note on the checkout out page when you
would like your groceries delivered.

Do you deliver to where the Bryce lawn buildings are at the
university and if so which Walmart am I supposed to order my
groceries from?
Yes, we deliver to Bryce Lawn daily. You can order your groceries 
from Walmart Neighborhood Market or the Walmart Super Center on Skyland Blvd
which will have more options than the smaller Walmart.If you have anymore questions
or need help with your order please don’t hesitate to contact us here or by
phone/ text: (205) 202-9587

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