About Us

On this journey we've been able to survive the logic of our customers, like here's one quick example, they are too impatient to cook but patient enough for food delivery, smh. You can't make this up, but we make it make sense. 

We enjoy helping our customers win in life by escaping the hurt of traffic, humans, errands, dishes & most importantly not wasting their valuable time. 

What is Clutch?

Convenience delivery until 3am. Think: anything you're craving or might need, just ran out of, or need in the last minute - We Got You. 

Clutch is a late night on-demand delivery service created to provide convenience to you.

As a busy entrepreneur I understand the challenge of getting what you need while handling multiple tasks. In today’s world, convenience is key.
With work, school and everything else, time is a precious commodity. We deliver what you need, when you need it, and all it takes is a few clicks.


Ok Story time :)

Clutch Deliveries was built over a 2-month period, watching the entire series of The Black List, Narcos, Making a Murder, American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, Dave Chappelle, Ozark, & a few awesome Netflix Originals, and I almost finished all of Breaking Bad, but orders started to come in (Thank you!!!).

Trust me, you don't want to see the receipts from all of the food
I ate building this for you LOL!!!

While some of y'all are Netflixing and Chilling - I did some Netflix and Building this business for you. I hope to inspire you one-day so you and your crew can build anything over some Netflix. So I guess its official now. I graduated from Netflix, to Netflix & Build :)

Oh! and have lots & lots & lots of fun too while you are at ;) What a time to be alive, ROLL TIDE!!!

Also DO NOT! I REPEAT. DO NOT EAT LATE JULY CHIA & QUINOA CHIPS. They are addicting and I'm trying to get my life together for the 4th time in 3 months.

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*We do not deliver: Alcohol, Tobacco Products, or Guns

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