About Us

What is Clutch?

Convenience delivery until 3am. Think: anything you're craving or might need, just ran out of, or need in the last minute - We Got You. 

Clutch is a late night on-demand delivery service created to provide convenience to you.

As a busy entrepreneur I understand the challenge of getting what you need
while handling multiple tasks. In today’s world, convenience is key.
With work, school and everything else, time is a precious commodity. We deliver
what you need, when you need it, and all it takes is a few clicks.


Ok Story time :)

Clutch Deliveries was built over a 2-month period, watching the entire series of The Black List, Narcos, Making a Murder, American Crime Story: The
People v. O.J. Simpson, Dave Chappelle, Ozark, & a few awesome Netflix Originals, and I almost finished all of Breaking Bad, but orders started to come in (Thank you!!!).

Trust me, you don't want to see the receipts from all of the food
I ate building this for you LOL!!!

While some of y'all are Netflixing and Chilling - I did some Netflix and Building this business for you. I hope to inspire you one-day so you and your crew can build anything over some Netflix. So I guess its official now. I graduated from Netflix, to Netflix & Build :)

Oh! and have lots & lots & lots of fun too while you are at ;) What a time to be alive, ROLL TIDE!!!

Also DO NOT! I REPEAT. DO NOT EAT LATE JULY CHIA & QUINOA CHIPS. They are addicting and I'm trying to get my life together for the 4th time in 3 months.

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*We do not deliver: Alcohol, Tobacco Products, or Guns