What is Clutch?

Think: anything you're craving or might need, just ran out of, or need in the last minute - We Got You. Delivering exactly what you need*, when you need it!

Clutch delivers from Tuscaloosa favorite restaurants, groceries, retail shops, munchies, drinks, household essentials and more, directly to your door.

How does Clutch work?

Place your order online, by filling up your cart with what you need, select your payment method, and your ordered will be at your door step in no time!Need help or got questions about your order? No worries call us: (205) 202-9587 or email us: contact@clutchdeliveries and we will be glad to help you :)

How much is Clutch delivery fees?

Clutch delivery fee is only $4.99 (Restaurants & Items on the site) plus tax within our 5 mile radius delivery zones. 

$4.99 for Clutch Special Orders

$6.99 for Walmart Grocery Delivery

Why are your prices different from other delivery services?

At Clutch we value our customers and their privacy. As you may know now your data is a big deal in this age (more valuable than oil) & we pride ourselves by not selling your data to third parties. Other companies sell your data on the back end to make majority of their money. WE DON"T!

What is Clutch delivery area?

Clutch delivers within a 10 minute radius of central Tuscaloosa. We strive to deliver within 30 minutes or less from the time that the delivery driver leaves with your order.

I have questions about the Walmart part of the delivery. Do 
you guys deliver the groceries after I order them and, can
you do future deliveries? What I mean by future delivery is
if I order for a pick up tomorrow but pay on clutch now will
they be picked up tomorrow?

Yes, We deliver your groceries on demand and Advanced orders
are accepted up to 2 weeks. Once you place your order and
schedule the time with Walmart when you want your groceries
picked up. Leave a note on the checkout out page when you
would like your groceries delivered.

How Many Discount Codes Can I Use In An Order?

Discount codes cannot be combined. Only 1 discount code at a time can be used in an order.

What is the latest I can place an order?

If you place an order at 3am, which is when we close. We will deliver your items, its not a problem at all. This is what we do.

Can I use discounts on local restaurant food?

All discount codes are valid for Clutch products only, unless you are a VIP customer with specific instructions from Clutch.

How does Clutch deliver in 30 minutes or less?

We have all of our products in our local headquarters here in Tuscaloosa, AL and as our customer orders come in we bag them and hand your items to the delivery drivers. This cuts out hours of time by not running to the store to get your products as the orders come in. We have our own delivery drivers you will not wait on contract couriers to pick up your products or food. When you order from us, you don't have to worry we are coming! You will not be notified one or two hours later that your order is canceled, because we can't find a driver like contract couriers.


What are Clutch hours?

We’re open from 9:00AM - 3AM Monday- Saturday and 11:00AM - 3AM Sunday. 

Questions? Shoot us an email at contact@clutchdeliveries.com     Phone Number: 205-202-9587

Why am I having a problem checking out?

1. Your billing address has to match the exact address where the card was registered. For ex. If your card was registered in New York, put that address in the billing section and put your address in the shipping section where you would like your items delivered.

2. We currently do not deliver in your area yet. Coming soon!


Restaurant Rules

If you order from a restaurant please expect an extended delivery time. You will be notified once the driver gets to the restaurant to get your food and when they will be on their way to delivery your food. Orders with only Clutch Items will still have our delivery goal of 30 minutes or less

Restaurant Fee's

If you order from multiple restaurants you will be charged a delivery fee plus tax ($4.99) from each restaurant.